Friday, November 26, 2010

Second Month Post Liberation

Well its hard to believe 2 months have past since my Liberation Procedure in Poland.  We continue to monitor the website and answer phone calls to others heading to Poland.  Our daughter said "I can't believe you are actually managing your own health care and booked it on the Internet".  Not much choice!

I am continuing to show progress and take personal training twice a week, which is a big help building strength, increasing flexibility and improving balance.  I do have some MS symptoms but the improvement from Sept. is huge.

Nov. 24, 2010 we saw the Neurologist and he was surprised we went to Poland and stopped taking the Avonex.  Really what could he say as I am better than he has seen me in over 3 years.  He still offered a pep talk about staying on Avonex.


Friday, October 22, 2010

One month Post Liberation

Well its hard to believe one month to the day post my Liberation Procedure.  Today is October 22, 2010 and I can't believe the difference it has made.  Before I left for Poland I was using a walker, speech was slurred, feet and hands were cold, had badder issues, huge amounts of fatigue and brain fog as known to MS patients.

Today I am walking without a walker or cane, speech has fully returned, feet and hands are warm, bladder issues improved, fatigue has improved and brain fog is gone.

I am driving again, actually driving myself to Physio and my speech therapy has been cancelled.  The Doctors in Poland said I will continue to improve over the next 3 to 6 months.

If you know anyone with MS who is questioning the Liberation Procedure, this should serve as comfort to them.  Please call your MP to complain that this is not being offered here in Canada for others.  It litterly gave me my life back.

Doctor Zamboni you are my HERO!!  KAREN aka Kas

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well the 24hr trek is over, we're home and getting over our jet lag!  Coming west is much easier.
Hope all of you enjoyed following along our journey to Poland, Dalt says another chapter for our memory book and one we will never forget. 
I just finished booking my 3 month follow up with Dr. MacDonald in Barrie, for a Doppler scan to check my veins, making sure they are still open. Hopefully he can correspond with Euro Medic in Poland to help further their study.
This will be the last posting of  Kas Goes To Katowice,  thank you all for your encouragement, well wishes and prayers. 

PS: Just went for a 1/2 km walk !!!!!! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

Hi Guys
Well its the last night, bags are packed and everything is ready by the door.  Being picked up at 4:00 am, leave Poland @ 6:40 am, leave Germany at 1:15pm arrive in Ottawa @3:50.  I know what you're thinking?  What a short flight.  Well add on 6 hours.
I can't say enough for the Polish hospitality from Euro Medic, the hospital staff, drivers and the hotel staff,  what a bunch of professionals.
Before leaving Canada a very wise man said to me, " Karen expect nothing and accept everything".  He was of course talking about the Liberation Procedure. Well I am leaving here not using a walker, regained my speech, brain fog is gone, warm feet and hands and better colour in my legs.
I couldn't of done any of this without my 'rock' he has been with me all the way, and what strength he gave me, more 'placebo' I guess.
I can't wait to get home, and see everyone !
See  you all soon

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi All
Well not much to update tonight.  Just as the days pass things continue to get better.
For some therapy Dalton took me to the mall Big mistake!  Shoes, shoes shoes 2", 4" or 6" heels everyone here wears them with jeans or whatever.  I decided on the 2" after some persuasion from my therapist.

One last day before we come home.  Can't wait.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi All

Still continuing getting some R&R.  We did go out to the local harley shop to get some Tshirts, then came back to a favourite restaurant. Its down town and called  THE PATIO.  We had very good home made pizza and Polish beer.  Dalt keeps telling me how good it is as I can't have any alcohol x 7 days.  (so Keri I will be ready when I come home).

Tomorrow we're going to take the local street car to the mall maybe find some nice shoes, everyone over here wears beautiful shoes with whatever they are wearing !


Friday, September 24, 2010

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010

Hi All
Well another full day has past since since my procedure.  I had a final and follow up doppler today and my viens are great.  Blood is flowing perfectly and in the right direction.  He said he would like to see me in 6 months.  We'll see?

We needed a little change of pace and went to Krakow for a tour.  Very busy place with tourists.  We finally had a chance to try some progie.  They were an appetizer but served us as a meal.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

Hi All.   Got out of the hospital @ 7:30 this morning.  Glad its over!  Seen the neuro today and he confirmed my speech and balance was better.  I also have a clearer head and warmer feet.  He said thing should get better as time progresses.  We didn't do much today but went out for supper with some friends.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SEPTEMBER 22, 2010

Well this is a day I'll never forget.  Bringing our 10 month adveture to an end or is it only the beginning?  Headed for the hospital @ 8:00 am, in hospital gown, blood work done, assigned a bed and preped for the procedure by 9:30. And all in Polish!
Went to operating room @ 12:35 and out at 1:00. They completed 5 procedures today.
Karen's right jugular and azagoz viens were ok but the left jugular was blocked.  Dr's. performed angiopasty and said the blood flow was great.

5:00 pm Karen got up and her brain fog was gone, she had warm feet and hands, balance was much better as well as her speech.  She is doing very well but had to remain in the hospital over night.  There was some tears when I left.  Not sure they were all hers?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey All

Finished all the testing today now just waiting for morning to come!!! Not much else went on today no sightseeing only to and from appts.  All of the others are here now.  Some from England, USA and Canada.  Euro Medic performs 6 procedures a day here.  They have now completed more than 700 procedures.
This is our little mobile that they drive you around in for appts, hospital & transfers.


Monday, September 20, 2010

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

Hi All
We went out for some local site seeing again today. We took a taxi up to see the statue of Pope JP.

 Had our Polish Supper.  The Pol's love their food almost as much as the Italians.  Dalt says the beer isn't to bad either.  Tomorrow things start to get under way.  We see more MS patients showing up today which we expect to be part of our group.  KAS

Sunday, September 19, 2010

SEPTEMBER 19, 2010

Hi Guys
Just had another day of getting around and seeing few things.  Some shoe stores and good restuarants.  Below is our hotel in the back ground.

We are reviewing the schedule Tuesday Eye exam and MRV. Wed. blood work , Neurologist consultation and procedure around 5:30 pm here or 11:30 am Ont. time.
Starting to get nervous!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

Well I think the jet lag is over.  We missed breakfast but the sleep was good.  Finding our way around a bit, went to market, found Gelato ect.  Its a very old city, very clean and no homeless people.
We had a great dinner, meals are great.  Here's the sign of HOPE we came for.

Tomorrow we may take the train into Krakow.

Friday, September 17, 2010


The eagles have landed very tired and hungry!!!!
Euromedic was waiting at the airport for us holding a big sign with my name on it, a bit over whelming :( but I was ok after that :), he is very nice and gave us an updated itinerary for the week.
Our hotel is super nice with a great view of the city we have scoped out the closest Harley shop save that for tomorrow after some sleep!!!
Will talk soon have to go and eat something with substance

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15th 2010

Today is the day for packing, I am excited, nervous & scared but I have my rock with me (I hear you laughing Sharon).  My rock is Dalton & I couldn't do this without him.

We fly out of Ottawa tomorrow @ 5:30 pm landing in Frankfurt, Germany  6:00am lay over till noon then off to Katowice, Poland landing around 1:30pm.

Thank you all family & friends for your prayers, wishes & support.