Friday, October 7, 2011

One Year Post Liberation

Hard to believe one year has passed, much of it seems like a dream or something you would read about not actually happening to me.  The year has gone by with some MS symptoms, but everything is stable.

I’ve had several follow up Doppler tests and over the past year and have no sign of restenosis.  In fact upon the last test the results showed the veins are open even more.  Next follow up will be in one year.

I’ve thought many time’s of what a shame that this opportunity is being missed out on by so many.  Our Governments are taking some action but not nearly enough, trying to appease the Neurologists, MS Society and Drug companies.  We just read where an MS patient had the Liberation Treat such as I and the hospital refused follow treatment until he threatened to go to the press.  Ironic part is the hospital will treat patients who stand outside smoking cigarettes and returns back for further treatment.